Aims and Objectives

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) is at the forefront of the peace movement in the UK and campaigns non-violently for a nuclear-free and peaceful future for all of us.

CND consists of a network of regional organisations, local groups and individual members covering the whole of Britain.

Brentwood CND is a local branch affiliated to CND nationally open to anyone in the area broadly in support of CND’s national Aims and Objectives. It is not necessary to be a national CND member.

Members participate in local events, propaganda stalls, publicity activities, public meetings and discussion and give as little or as much time as they are able.

Members receive our local newsletter ‘The Wire’ regularly and information about local and national activities.

Brentwood CND regularly holds open stalls in Brentwood town centre to bring the issues of nuclear disarmament, opposition to Trident replacement and related issues to the local community for discussion. We actively campaign against Trident and for a Global Nuclear Weapons Convention which will ban all nuclear weapons worldwide. We seek influence to change government and public opinion to ensure a nuclear free, safe , secure and peaceful future for everyone.

We depend on donations and modest membership fees to sustain our work.

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