Iraq, Iran, Israel and the Middle East

  • CND condemns the attack on Iraq by the UK and USA as totally unjustified and in contravention of International Law.
  • CND believes that the US and UK should have no forces in Iraq. The proper authority to aid Iraq’s recovery and move to a fully functioning democracy is the UN and its agencies.
  • There was never any credible evidence of either the presence of nuclear weapons in Iraq, nor the intention to use any.
  • Before the invasion there was no known or proven link between Iraq and al Qa’ida. Iraq was a secular state with no fundamentalist links. Now religious divisions dominate politics and fundamentalists have increasing influence.
  • Iraq has only ever used chemical weapons with the knowledge and support or tacit approval of the West i.e. against Iran from 1982-1988 in the Iran/Iraq war and, most infamously, against its own Kurdish population when the two main Kurdish parties were recruited by Iran to support its war effort against Iraq. CND denounced these attacks whilst Western Governments continued to give Iraq support.
  • US interests in Iraq are not about democracy but about having a government in place which is favourable to its long term oil supply and globalisation projects. Control in the Middle East is crucial to this.
  • CND opposes all nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction, whoever owns them.
  • It therefore opposes any attempts by Iran to develop nuclear weapons as this would be in contravention of its commitments under the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.
  • It also condemns Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons, its failure to acknowledge its possession of them and its refusal to sign the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.
  • Long term peace and stability in the region needs to begin with the creation of a nuclear free Middle East and all countries need to work towards this.


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LABOUR AGAINST THE WAR: PO Box 2378, London E5 9QU Tel: 020 8985 6597

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