US National Missile Defence

“Son of Star Wars”

  • In Poland and the Czech Republic there was much opposition to the siting of the system there and the Obama administration cancelled Bush’s plans for these two countries.
  • However, Turkey, the Balkans and Israel have now been suggested as possible hosts and modified plans are attempting to involve Poland and the Czech Republic again.
  • National Missile Defence (NMD) is a system for the protection of the US against a missile attack.
  • Theoretically it detects, tracks and shoots down incoming missiles before they reach the US.
  • In practice, however, in the tests held so far, it has failed to intercept missiles accurately.
  • More importantly, it represents a serious escalation of the arms race as, if successful, if would increase the ability of the US to carry out a first strike nuclear attack.
  • It is in clear contravention of the Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty which the US signed with Russia in 1972.
  • The system requires two bases in Britain to be upgraded – Menwith Hill and Fylingdales, both in Yorkshire. The US requires the permission of the British Government to upgrade its facilities there. This permission has now been granted.
  • The system is not intended to afford protection to Britain, only to the US. At the same time, however, Menwith Hill and Fylingdales will become clear targets for attack.


contact : Yorkshire CND: Tel: 01274 730795 E-mail:

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