CND stall in Brentwood High Street, 28th June 2014

CND stall in Brentwood High Street, 28th June 2014

Brentwood CND Please download and complete the Brentwood CN application form!

Brentwood CND supports:

  • the work of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (I-can).
  • the work of the Campaign Against the Arms Trade.
  • the main aims of National CND which are:
    • That Britain should unilaterally give up nuclear weapons, nuclear bases and nuclear alliances.
    • That Britain should pursue a foreign policy which aims to get rid of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons worldwide.
    • That Britain should actively support general and complete disarmament worldwide in line with United Nation’s policy.

Brentwood CND opposes:

  • acts of armed intervention by this country which do not have a UN mandate and which therefore contravene International Law.
  • the use and expansion of nuclear power, not only because of its inherent danger and the problems of storing toxic nuclear waste but also because its products are used to make nuclear weapons.
  • all nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.

What are our activities?

  1. We join national and local demonstrations and rallies in support of nuclear disarmament and against acts of aggression by the UK.
  2. We run a regular information stall in Brentwood. See Forthcoming Events for dates.
  3. We produce a regular newsletter – WIRE.

National Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

CND believes that:

  • Nuclear weapons make the world a much more dangerous not a safer place.
  • That the major nuclear countries, Britain. France, China, Russia, the USA, along with India, Pakistan and Israel, which also have nuclear weapons, should begin a process of disarmament through the UN now.
  • That Britain should give impetus to this process by abandoning its nuclear “deterrent” unilaterally.
  • That Britain should abandon its plans for the development of a new generation of nuclear weapons at Aldermaston, which are in total contravention of its obligations under the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.

Do let us know what you think of our website! Email info@cndbrentwood.org.uk

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