WIRE – current newsletter

Wire – The newsletter of Brentwood CND

July 2016

The long-awaited parliamentary debate and vote on Trident replacement due for October will now take place at 10 pm Monday 18th July. Join the massive protest rally outside. Brought forward by the bellicosity of Theresa May to win her place as PM, It isn’t yet known whether MPs will be asked to support replacement in principle, or consent to the building of four new submarines, at a cost of £41bn.… Continue reading

October 2013

CAMPAIGNING IN BRENTWOOD AGAINST TRIDENT OUR STATEMENT Brentwood Against Trident (BAT) calls upon the Government to halt all further development of Trident for the following reasons: Nuclear weapons provide no protection against current and actual threats to this country, … Continue reading →


July 2013 Special campaigning edition

WHAT SHALL WE DO ABOUT TRIDENT? After the inspiring Bruce Kent meeting on April 26th a few of us got together to try to work out how we could translate his words into action. We brainstormed a lot of ideas … Continue reading →


June 2013

IF IT’S FRIDAY IT MUST BE BRENTWOOD Bruce Kent’s visit to Brentwood on Friday, 26 April was an inspiring talk to a packed, standing-room only audience of nearly 60 people, which left us all talking excitedly afterwards and was a … Continue reading →


Winter 2013

Bruce Kent to visit Brentwood During the month of April, following on from the major CND demonstration at Aldermaston on Easter Monday (April 1 – see inside pages) Bruce Kent will be making a whistle-stop tour of the UK to … Continue reading →


Autumn 2012

FINLAND TO LEAD BID FOR A NUCLEAR WEAPONS FREE MIDDLE EAST Just imagine a country where a cabinet minister is a member of the peace movement.   Then try to imagine a land where the defence secretary wears a CND badge.   … Continue reading →


Summer 2012

I-can I’m sure many of you will re- member the name of ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) which has been campaigning since 1995 to get the UN to negotiate a treaty which would outlaw nuclear weapons throughout the … Continue reading →


Spring 2011

LET THE COALITION HEAR IT ON MARCH 26 CUT TRIDENT NOT WELFARE  On Saturday, March 26th CND will be joining up with unions, charities and other campaigning groups in a huge demonstration to show the Coalition that they have got … Continue reading →


January 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OUR MEMBERS OUR NUMBER ONE RESOLUTION IS STILL THE CANCELLATION OF TRIDENT As each new year comes around there are reasons to be dejected about our campaign but also glimmers of hope that lead us … Continue reading →


Spring 2010

The Peace Vote and the General Election By the time you receive this WIRE it is possible that the long awaited announcement of a General Election will have been made and the date become public.  Many CND members have a … Continue reading →


Autumn 2010

TRIDENT DECISION TO BE DELAYED First it was leaked on Radio 4’s 6am news a week before the LibDem Conference, next there were strong hints from the Conference itself, the Guardian then followed with an article on 25th September and … Continue reading →

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